Project Description



Project Name:   Vista  HS Tower

Building Type:  Residential Building

Apartment Size:  1500sft

Car parking:  7 Nos

Building Height:  9-Storied Residential Building
Location:   Road-02, Plot-52, Block-G, Eastern Housing Project, Aftabnagar, Rumpura, Dhaka.

Year Completed:   2024

VISTA LAND & LIFESCAPS LIMITED is a promising name in real estate sector in Bangladesh. It aspires to provide the best solution according to the  requirement of our urban life. From this concept, we offer VISTA HS TOWER 9-Storeid luxurious green building apartment complex at AFTABNAGOR. Which is Very close to HATHIRJHI L, BONOSREE and GULSHAN-1. AFTABNAGOR is

the Most Beautiful area for housing acclaimed clam and quite modern residential area in Dhaka city. Also the vicinity of high level University (East West University), School (like imperial, Ideal School and College), Market, Hospital and most famous bazar Meradia Hat, walking distance to hat bazar and bus stops. Which get you conveniently connected to the hub of the city.

VISTA’S design which took a deep meticulous detailing will certainly meet your entire requirement of green building concept what you cherish your dream at Dhaka city. We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the prospective clients in advance who will make their wise investment in VISTA HS TOWER and believe that they will get their satisfactory return.